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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Programs 

Bartique is a woman owned business devoted to supporting and empowering young women from all walks of life interested in community, business and fashion.

Our current Campus Ambassador program is developed for enrolled college women interested in fashion, retail, ecommerce, marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

Our tribe is a group of young entrepreneur working in fashion wholesale, retail, marketing, ecommerce and of course all with a bar. If you want to join us we are currently developing other programs and market channels to grow the Bartique Brand. If you believe in the lifestyle, love the brand and want to be part of our tribe you are always welcome to reach out to develop your ideas or join us as a brand ambassadors, brand manager and/or influencer. 

Estelle & Steve
Partners and Co-Owners of Bartique
Bartique is a nationally trademarked brand

Bartique Campus Ambassador Program 


Welcome to the Bartique Fashion Ambassador Program! As a Campus Ambassador (CA) You are embarking on repping the Bartique Brand. A one-of-kind hybrid business of boho-chic fashion with a bar. Your primary goal is to spread the word and drive traffic to our online and retail location, help us build our brand and we have developed a multi-level compensation program for you.

You'll be doing this through the following tactics:

  • Creating tons of different types of content (post, photos, blogs, videos etc.)
  • Contributing to sales and special campaigns
  • Providing feedback on our program and what we should be doing
  • Holding events on campus to spread the word (sororities, table-tops, etc.)
  • Being your campus go-to source for all things Fashion at UNCC campus. 

We're looking to our CA’s to contribute to the overall marketing strategy at Bartique. We're very open to new ideas so if you think you have an amazing one, don't hesitate to share it with us! We want to support you and any idea you may have to grow your personal development and passions through our brand together.


Here is what we need you to have:

  • Self-driven with an entrepreneurial sprit
  • Eager to learn
  • Passion for Fashion
  • Experienced in at least one of the following fields -> photography, videography, event planning, writing, networking, designing and most importantly social media
  • Already have some ideas on ways to grow the Bartique brand
  • Want to get involved in a young, fun fashion focused startup and help it grow!

 Promo Points, Compensation & Club Level Benefits

Your brand repping efforts will be tracked by promo codes redeemed by customers through our online store and/or at our Bartique retail location in Noda. We have structured the following tier level program.  

Promotion Level > Category Level > Club Level  

At the Promotion Level a CA will receive the following: 

  • 2 (two) promo points for completing your monthly responsibilities audited every 30 days.
  • $1.50 in value for every 1 (one) promo redemption towards any item in the store.

 At the Category Level Items a CA can unlock the following per redemption schedule: 

  •  One Jewelry item – after 8 redemptions up to $25 value
  •  One Accessories item – at 12 redemptions up to $45 value
  •  One Tops or Bottom item – at 18 redemptions up to $65 value
  •  One Dresses item – at 25 redemptions up to $80 value
  •  Gift card – Cash value of total redemption at a minimum of $50.00 

At the Bartique Club Level Items a CA can unlock the following redemptions annually:

  •  Silver – 30 total promo redemption points per month  - Free Jewelry item
  •  Gold – 50 total promo redemptions per month - Free Accessory, Top or Bottom item
  •  Platinum – 75 total promo redemption points per month- Free Dress, Outerwear item 


  • A chance to be part of a tribe, with everyone pulling on the same rope and having fun doing it!
  • Free fashion jewelry, accessories and apparel
  • Chance to transition to a sale position
  • Chance to start your own fashion business
  • Resume builder and letter or recommendation



a)     Promotion Level monthly responsibilities and promo points are at the discretion of manager
b)     Promotion and Category Level Redemptions are not on-going and reset to 0 after redeemed
c)     Promotion and Category Level Redemptions can be combined at CA’s discretion, Promotion Level value can carry over after a Category Level redemption
d)     Club Level does not include reppr responsibility promo points and is consecutive
e)     Promo and Compensation is subject to change.